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Poor Bigfoot

Story seems like another fake to me.

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More from Bigfoot…

PA bigfoot
If you didn’t get enough Bigfoot “evidence” yesterday, then you are in luck. New photos from Pennsylvania have surfaced showing two large unknown animals near a park road. Is it proof of Sasquatch or a couple bears? I am leaning away from bears on this one, but honestly I am just glad that it does not look like Chewbacca.

Check out the original article with a little more backstory here.

PA bigfoot

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Bigfoot is Real… Or so they say…

New Sasquatch “evidence” just coming out today. A group called the Sasquatch Genome Project has released a few never before seen videos and claims to have specific proof of the existence of Bigfoot. My takeaway from the YouTube video above:

I love the idea of Bigfoot. This is a load of dung however. Video footage of Bigfoot sleeping, in the day? A close up shot of Bigfoot’s face, and it looks just like Chewbacca? This is completely absurd. Another fault from the video is the stride of the supposed Bigfoot in the film. It really does not portray the classic ape-like walk, more like walking like a phony.

Press releases like these really make me sad, as it just makes believing in the idea of Bigfoot even more silly. Great job Sasquatch Genome Project, it seems that you really knocked this one out of the park. Yes, that was sarcasm…

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Spanish Sea Monster.

spanish sea monster
Another new sea monster has surfaced, this time on the coast of Spain. While I usually do not get too excited about sea monsters, this one is a little different. Notice the horns on the head? What the hell?
spanish sea monster 2
Samples have already been sent off for analysis, and I am really looking forward to seeing what this one turns out to be. I am slightly leery however, as one picture has the head with horns attached, and another the head is not. Was the head completely attached, or was it placed like it was part of the body? Something looks a little weird there, but still a very interesting discovery.

Stay tuned to see exactly what the hell this thing is!

Check out the story here.

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Great Divide’s Espresso Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout.

Another example of cryptozoology in beer form. Great Divide’s Yeti, in all the various forms, is a stout that is not to be missed. Go buy some and talk a walk with a Yeti!

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Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster.

Cryptozoology sometimes turns up in unexpected places… like on a beer bottle. Props to Great Lakes for bringing awareness to South Bay Bessie.

Keep Searching!

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Cryptozoology and Celebrities?

When it comes to cryptozoology, most of the shows on television and the presenters come off as quacks pushing pseudo-science.  Shows like Monster Hunters, Monster Quest, etc. always have too much of an entertainment focus, and moronic, catchy lines like “Let’s go squatchin,”  while not even touching some of the harder data found.  All of these folks on these shows seem like they can be found at your local truck stop diner, drinking cheap cups of coffee spouting off crazy ideas on how to catch a squatch.

Surprisingly, in the land of television, a few celebrities are stepping up to the plate to see if they can find out the truth, or at least cash in on the topic.  Let’s take a look at the new shows that will be popping up in the near future:

les stroud

The first celeb that is taking their shot at cryptids comes from Canada, in the form of Survivorman.  Les Stroud, while not a bigfoot enthusiast, has been convinced to search for the hairy hominid in a few different, remote wilderness areas.  This has me the most excited, as he really gets into the deep woods, with as little of a camera crew as possible.  I would imagine while searching for bigfoot, you would not want a crew of 30 folks tromping through the woods with you.  Well done and good luck!

joe rogan

Coming a little out of left field, is Joe Rogan with his new show on SyFy called “Joe Rogan Questions Everything.”  This should be pretty interesting.  Joe Rogan, wether you like him or not, is a very logical person.  While he says he does not believe in bigfoot, he does not NOT believe in bigfoot either.  His new show should cover some very interesting topics, and luckily cryptids are included.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen in his Nessie hunting gear.

Lastly, while not really a show, celeb Charlie Sheen has decided to take a vacation to Scotland to catch the fabled Loch Ness Monster.  Who knows what will turn up with that, but I am sure that there will be pictures galore.

So why am I so excited about all of this celebrity news in the world of cryptozoology?  Publicity.  Any press for these cryptids is good press in my book, and maybe, just maybe, some people watching will start to wonder about these hidden animals.  I would rather these folks look for sasquatch instead of the idiots using Krispy Kreme donuts and saying they are going “Squatchin.”

Keep Searching!

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Persian Gulf Sea Monster.

Persian gulf monster
New images are dropping of the newest sea monster on the block, coming straight outta Iran. Take a look at these shots:
Persian monster 2
Gulf monster 3
So what is it? No samples have been tested as of yet, or as I have heard, but I am guessing whale. Not as exciting as a remnant dinosaur though.

Never stop searching!

Monster Spotter

Ever wonder what you should do as a budding Cryptozoologist in between searching for Sasquatch, or waiting for the next big cryptid to break?  You should probably read about Cryptozoology.  Quite a few books fill this small niche, from the absurd to the highly scientific.  If you are new to the game, where should you start?  I would suggest the Monster Spotter’s Guide to North America by Scott Francis.

The MSGNA is a very informative, yet highly humorous read.  Quite a few cryptids are featured, which are then split into the different regions of North America.  All of the famous cryptids that you have heard of are in here, as well as some of the more obscure ones that the stories only live in that locale.  My favorite part of this book is that you can take it with you on vacation, and usually find a local story to investigate while out and about.  Most of these stories people will never talk about to a tourist, for the risk of sounding crazy, so this book fills in those awkward gaps.


Overall, I really like this book.  For starters, it is incredibly durable.  The cover and pages are a heavier duty, almost water repellant style stock, that works well in the field.  Do you need to take it into the field?  Absolutely not.  I still enjoy the burliness though.  Also, this book covers a lot of material, all the while poking fun at itself.  Let’s face it, Cryptozoology is an odd pastime.  Most people find this topic a little “out there.”  This book presents the stories of these undiscovered animals, all the while not taking itself too seriously.  As an added bonus, there is a sweet little pull out map, to show off your love for the undiscovered:

monster map

This is a great resource to have laying around for anyone interested in Cryptozoology.  While it is a bit humorous, the stories shine through and paint the cryptid pictures well.  You can find this book in most larger book stores, or online, in the Pop Culture/Humor section.

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Atacama Humanoid.


So not technically cryptozoology, more so just weird, I read a story a few days ago about an alien baby uncovered in Chile.  This tiny skeleton was uncovered around 10 years ago, and the UFO community has been buzzing ever since with the “proof” of alien life with this skeleton.  Luckily for us, Stanford University has been examining and conduction tests to figure out what exactly it is.  Their conclusion?  Human.  And it gets better:  This is an extremely mutated human, which at it’s death was estimated to be between 6 to 8 years old.

Definitely weird.  So what do you think?

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