Posted by: codsow | September 17, 2011

Possible Bigfoot tracks?

Spent the morning hiking on the 15th at this small preserve, and came across some interesting “tracks.” Take a look:

This shot is the first print coming into the trail. There were four prints total. My boot is a size 10 just for reference. Size 10 is not big by any means, but it is dwarfed by this much larger foot!

This photo is showing the direction of the prints. Two steps then a sharp angled turn on the side of the trail, then off into the woods. Hat (Go Bucks!) is for size reference, and is between the first and second track.

Another angle of the entire series, hat now placed between the second and third track.

These two prints are on the way off of the trail, after the sharp turn to the right.

Are these tracks from a Bigfoot? I am not sure. What I do know is this: The ground cover on this part of the trail was moss(Not sure what kind) but the moss was nonexistent where the tracks were. Almost like they stuck to a foot, or were smashed down into the mud. These tracks were also very old. There were no visible signs of it actually being a foot, the overall shape and stride is all I could go off of. There was a game trail on both sides of the trail, but after looking around the edges of the trail I did not see anything track wise. I believe that this is due to the tracks being so old.

So, if you are planning on checking out the area, the nature preserve is off of Corwin Rd. in Warren County OH, very close to Ceasar Creek State Park in Harveysburg. The trail system is very short, only 2.3 miles. These tracks are located up away from the river on the ridge top, very hard to miss. Unfortunately, this fall will probably erase it with all the pretty leaves. I plan on going back soon to dig around a little more.
Keep searching my friends…

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