Posted by: codsow | April 4, 2013

Welcome to the new old CCzS!

Welcome back to the Cincinnati Cryptozoological Society!  Or, if this is your first visit, welcome!  This page has been non-existent for a while now, but hopefully I can keep on top of things, like life, and keep the content flowing.  So what is this all about?

Cryptozoology is the study of hidden animals.  Some folks believe that these animals still exist.  Some folks believe that those people are crazy.  Some folks capitalize on the so called crazy folks and sell them the bodies of Bigfoot.  That is crazy.  Whether or not these animals exist today, their stories remain, and still captivate people.

My hopes for this page are simple:  I am not trying to discover new species, and I am not trying to call myself a cryptozoologist; all I want to do is to create awareness and possibly spur discussion.  These creatures that fall under the category of cryptozoology are animals that have a large history, which mostly were passed down from generation to generation in folklore.  I want to find all of these stories, put them in one place, and see if there is a possibility that these creatures existed at one time in our past.  If they did not exist, what were the stories about?  And if they did exist, where are they now?

So dig around the old posts, and keep an eye out for new ones.

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