Posted by: codsow | July 10, 2013

Book Review: Monster Spotter’s Guide to North America.

Monster Spotter

Ever wonder what you should do as a budding Cryptozoologist in between searching for Sasquatch, or waiting for the next big cryptid to break?  You should probably read about Cryptozoology.  Quite a few books fill this small niche, from the absurd to the highly scientific.  If you are new to the game, where should you start?  I would suggest the Monster Spotter’s Guide to North America by Scott Francis.

The MSGNA is a very informative, yet highly humorous read.  Quite a few cryptids are featured, which are then split into the different regions of North America.  All of the famous cryptids that you have heard of are in here, as well as some of the more obscure ones that the stories only live in that locale.  My favorite part of this book is that you can take it with you on vacation, and usually find a local story to investigate while out and about.  Most of these stories people will never talk about to a tourist, for the risk of sounding crazy, so this book fills in those awkward gaps.


Overall, I really like this book.  For starters, it is incredibly durable.  The cover and pages are a heavier duty, almost water repellant style stock, that works well in the field.  Do you need to take it into the field?  Absolutely not.  I still enjoy the burliness though.  Also, this book covers a lot of material, all the while poking fun at itself.  Let’s face it, Cryptozoology is an odd pastime.  Most people find this topic a little “out there.”  This book presents the stories of these undiscovered animals, all the while not taking itself too seriously.  As an added bonus, there is a sweet little pull out map, to show off your love for the undiscovered:

monster map

This is a great resource to have laying around for anyone interested in Cryptozoology.  While it is a bit humorous, the stories shine through and paint the cryptid pictures well.  You can find this book in most larger book stores, or online, in the Pop Culture/Humor section.


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