Posted by: codsow | July 29, 2013

Cryptozoology and Celebrities?

When it comes to cryptozoology, most of the shows on television and the presenters come off as quacks pushing pseudo-science.  Shows like Monster Hunters, Monster Quest, etc. always have too much of an entertainment focus, and moronic, catchy lines like “Let’s go squatchin,”  while not even touching some of the harder data found.  All of these folks on these shows seem like they can be found at your local truck stop diner, drinking cheap cups of coffee spouting off crazy ideas on how to catch a squatch.

Surprisingly, in the land of television, a few celebrities are stepping up to the plate to see if they can find out the truth, or at least cash in on the topic.  Let’s take a look at the new shows that will be popping up in the near future:

les stroud

The first celeb that is taking their shot at cryptids comes from Canada, in the form of Survivorman.  Les Stroud, while not a bigfoot enthusiast, has been convinced to search for the hairy hominid in a few different, remote wilderness areas.  This has me the most excited, as he really gets into the deep woods, with as little of a camera crew as possible.  I would imagine while searching for bigfoot, you would not want a crew of 30 folks tromping through the woods with you.  Well done and good luck!

joe rogan

Coming a little out of left field, is Joe Rogan with his new show on SyFy called “Joe Rogan Questions Everything.”  This should be pretty interesting.  Joe Rogan, wether you like him or not, is a very logical person.  While he says he does not believe in bigfoot, he does not NOT believe in bigfoot either.  His new show should cover some very interesting topics, and luckily cryptids are included.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen in his Nessie hunting gear.

Lastly, while not really a show, celeb Charlie Sheen has decided to take a vacation to Scotland to catch the fabled Loch Ness Monster.  Who knows what will turn up with that, but I am sure that there will be pictures galore.

So why am I so excited about all of this celebrity news in the world of cryptozoology?  Publicity.  Any press for these cryptids is good press in my book, and maybe, just maybe, some people watching will start to wonder about these hidden animals.  I would rather these folks look for sasquatch instead of the idiots using Krispy Kreme donuts and saying they are going “Squatchin.”

Keep Searching!

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