Posted by: codsow | October 2, 2013

Bigfoot is Real… Or so they say…

New Sasquatch “evidence” just coming out today. A group called the Sasquatch Genome Project has released a few never before seen videos and claims to have specific proof of the existence of Bigfoot. My takeaway from the YouTube video above:

I love the idea of Bigfoot. This is a load of dung however. Video footage of Bigfoot sleeping, in the day? A close up shot of Bigfoot’s face, and it looks just like Chewbacca? This is completely absurd. Another fault from the video is the stride of the supposed Bigfoot in the film. It really does not portray the classic ape-like walk, more like walking like a phony.

Press releases like these really make me sad, as it just makes believing in the idea of Bigfoot even more silly. Great job Sasquatch Genome Project, it seems that you really knocked this one out of the park. Yes, that was sarcasm…

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