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Sea Monsters.

From the first time that humans ventured into the ocean, tales of great monsters from the deep have captured our minds.  The ocean is one of the only places on Earth where you can truly realize how small you really are, so of course there has to be a sea monster or two that are just larger than life.  Right?  Lets take a look at a few…

The above carcass was accidentally caught in 1977 off the coast of New Zealand.  The photos are pretty striking; if this is not evidence of a recently deceased pleisiosaur, then what is it?  Luckily, before tossing this creature overboard due to the stench, measurements and a few tissue/bone samples were taken.  After analysis, it was determined that this was a decomposed Basking Shark.  Surprisingly, Basking Sharks decompose in a way to give this “small head” appearance, much like a pleisiosaur.  Luckily measurements and samples were taken, or this story would still be circulating as a “real” example.

Next up, more recently, we have this creature straight out of the SyFy channel.  This picture made the rounds on the internet for some time, and some folks were claiming a new species, or even an alien life form.  Pretty creepy looking I must say.  If you know your invasive species, especially in the Great Lakes though, you would recognize this guy as a Sea Lamprey.  Truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

This creature was found in Russia, and immediately the stories of Sea Monster started to circulate.  Once biologists were on the scene though, it was easily enough debunked as a Beluga Whale.  Doesn’t really look like one though?  The proof was in the skull, and more importantly the teeth.  Another sea monster fail…

Another classic, the Hook Island sea monster from 1965.  This image was taken near Australia, and the creature was estimated to be around 75-80 feet long.  This creature was spotted from the boat, then the photographers swam underwater towards it.  After it did not move for a while, once closer, the animal opened it’s mouth, and slowly swam away, with an observed injury on it’s tail.  It was further speculated that the creature was resting in the shallow lagoon due to it’s injury.  Since photoshop was not around in the 1960s, this photo gained some serious traction.  Until you look into the person pushing the photos.  The photographer was in serious debt, and was looking to make some serious money off of this discovery.  He even went as far as selling an expedition into looking for the creature, which found nothing.  It is widely accepted that this was a hoax utilizing plastic, or other materials weighted down by sand.  Still a very impressive photo nonetheless.

So all of these photos have been identified as either another known species, or a hoax.  Does that mean that sea monsters do not exist?  Absolutely not.  What I want to point out here is that we need to use science to figure out these stories and tales of sea creatures.  The ocean is the last “wild” place on our planet, with very little explored.  While we do not have proof of sea creatures, we do not have all of the data to make the call that they do not exist at all.  Until the ocean is explored fully, we will never know what exactly is out there.

If you have any great photos that you think I should see, please send them my way, or post them on the CCzS Facebook page!

Keep searching…

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Welcome to the new old CCzS!

Welcome back to the Cincinnati Cryptozoological Society!  Or, if this is your first visit, welcome!  This page has been non-existent for a while now, but hopefully I can keep on top of things, like life, and keep the content flowing.  So what is this all about?

Cryptozoology is the study of hidden animals.  Some folks believe that these animals still exist.  Some folks believe that those people are crazy.  Some folks capitalize on the so called crazy folks and sell them the bodies of Bigfoot.  That is crazy.  Whether or not these animals exist today, their stories remain, and still captivate people.

My hopes for this page are simple:  I am not trying to discover new species, and I am not trying to call myself a cryptozoologist; all I want to do is to create awareness and possibly spur discussion.  These creatures that fall under the category of cryptozoology are animals that have a large history, which mostly were passed down from generation to generation in folklore.  I want to find all of these stories, put them in one place, and see if there is a possibility that these creatures existed at one time in our past.  If they did not exist, what were the stories about?  And if they did exist, where are they now?

So dig around the old posts, and keep an eye out for new ones.

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Possible Bigfoot tracks?

Spent the morning hiking on the 15th at this small preserve, and came across some interesting “tracks.” Take a look:

This shot is the first print coming into the trail. There were four prints total. My boot is a size 10 just for reference. Size 10 is not big by any means, but it is dwarfed by this much larger foot!

This photo is showing the direction of the prints. Two steps then a sharp angled turn on the side of the trail, then off into the woods. Hat (Go Bucks!) is for size reference, and is between the first and second track.

Another angle of the entire series, hat now placed between the second and third track.

These two prints are on the way off of the trail, after the sharp turn to the right.

Are these tracks from a Bigfoot? I am not sure. What I do know is this: The ground cover on this part of the trail was moss(Not sure what kind) but the moss was nonexistent where the tracks were. Almost like they stuck to a foot, or were smashed down into the mud. These tracks were also very old. There were no visible signs of it actually being a foot, the overall shape and stride is all I could go off of. There was a game trail on both sides of the trail, but after looking around the edges of the trail I did not see anything track wise. I believe that this is due to the tracks being so old.

So, if you are planning on checking out the area, the nature preserve is off of Corwin Rd. in Warren County OH, very close to Ceasar Creek State Park in Harveysburg. The trail system is very short, only 2.3 miles. These tracks are located up away from the river on the ridge top, very hard to miss. Unfortunately, this fall will probably erase it with all the pretty leaves. I plan on going back soon to dig around a little more.
Keep searching my friends…

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Bigfoot in Washington state?

Click here for the story and video.

I am not sure I buy this one…

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Cryptozoology for Real?

Bravo to the Institute of Zoology, which is a division of the Zoological Society of London, for bringing up topic of Cryptozoology.
Click here for info
Can’t wait to hear how this event goes…

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In popular culture, there is quite possibly no other larger cryptid than Bigfoot. The image of a large, bipedal, hairy creature is on countless t-shirts, toys, beef jerky, beer, and even bicycles. Numerous toys are in the likeness of Sasquatch, some of which are remote controlled. Almost a day does not go by without seeing the image of Bigfoot. Pretty impressive for an animal that some people do not even believe exists. Countless books have been written on this creature, some great, some not so great, but this is a very broad topic, that you could dedicate an entire blog to. I’m sure someone has done that already. So to make things a little easier, I will stick to Bigfoot sightings that have happened only in Ohio.

The history of Bigfoot in Ohio goes back to the late 1800s. The very first sighting was in Gallia county, near the town of Galliapolis. In January of 1869, a man and his daughter were traveling by carriage when a “wild man” covered in hair and gigantic in height attacked the father by grabbing him and throwing him to the ground. After a drawn out struggle, the daughter picked up a rock and hit the creature in the head. This in turn, did not startle the animal, just made it stand up and walk away back into the woods.

Some of the more recent Bigfoot sightings have been all over the state, especially in the northeastern, and also southeastern unpopulated areas. In the northeastern areas, particularly around the Akron area, Bigfoot has been dubbed the Grassman. The area that brings the most attention is the so called, “Bigfoot Triangle,” which is a larger, unpopulated area around the Coshocton/Amish country area. In this triangle, is Salt Fork State Park, which hosts the Ohio Bigfoot Conference every year. This state park, in Guernsey County, has had numerous sightings since the mid 1990s. Some of the other interesting sightings/possible encounters from around Ohio:

-Summit County, 11/10: Man hear vocalization similar to this.

-Fairfield County, 10/10: Clear Creek Metro Park. Photo session interrupted by something throwing rocks into the lake. Photographer takes many shots in the area, getting a couple that show some promise.

-Clermont County, 6/09: East fork State Park. Two fisherman hear large rocks being thrown into the lake, and loud howling that neither could identify.

-Ross County, 12/02: A young hunter encounter a large, hairy biped near Bainbridge while hunting. Man placed weapon on the ground to show animal that he meant no harm, creature ran past the young man, passing just 25 yards from him.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of Bigfoot encounters here in the Buckeye state. Hopefully this year I can get out and make some trips to some of these areas to investigate for myself. It should be noted, that the famous cryptozoologist Loren Coleman is his book “Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America” placed Ohio in the top 20 best places to see Bigfoot, especially in the Tuscarawas-Coshocton counties. Of all the places in North America, Ohio in the top twenty? Pretty impressive if you ask me. This summer I also plan on making the trip up to Newcomerstown to the annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference, hope to see you there! Now off to drink a Sierra Nevada Bigfoot!

Check out the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization if you have not already, to start your own research.

Scientists Solve Chupacabra Mystery – Louisville News Story – WLKY Louisville

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Chupacabra in Kentucky???

Normally, I do not get too excited about the local news. Normally, it is just stories that will either make you angry, or depressed. Today however, had a different effect.

Thanks to a couple friends, I was tipped off to this story. Seems like a man in Kentucky has shot and killed what he believes to be a Chupacabra. Since I have not done an official write up on the “Goat Sucker”, here is a quick run down.

The Chupacabra has been in popular culture since around 1995. Historically, they are normally spotted in Mexico, South and Southwestern United States, and Puerto Rico. The name Chupacabra comes from the Spanish language, meaning chupar “to suck” and cabra “goat.” Basically, this animal bites its prey, leaving only a couple puncture wounds, and draining all of the blood out of the animal. Lots of sightings have been reported, but mostly they end up being coyotes with a bad case of mange.

That brings us to the new case. When I first read about this animal, the first thing that I did was look up where it was located. From where I am located, the area is only around two and a half hours away, so I started to plan my trip. After doing a little more digging, I decided that a trip would not be necessary. Lots of photos of the creature have been taken, and to me it appears that it is just a fox or small coyote with a case of mange. It does not appear to be anything out of the ordinary. Early next week, a biologist from the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife department will be examining the animal, so I am sure this will be determined to not be a Chupacabra. It is a shame, but at the same time, it is great that something like this breaks up the monotony of the nightly news, and brings creatures like this into the public eye.

Hopefully in the near future, we can find a true specimen of one of these amazing animals. Never stop searching, never stop believing.

Fox News

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Happy Holidays…

Have a safe and happy holiday this year! Look for big things from the CCzS this coming year!

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Dover Demon…

Dover Massachusetts, probably not the first place you would think of when you hear the word cryptozoology. You might think of Scotland, or Walnut Creek California, or even Loveland Ohio, but Massachusetts? One of the classic cryptozoology cases comes to us from 1977, in the town of Dover.

In the spring of 1977, three teenagers were taking a joyride when the headlights of their car illuminated something in the road. At first glance, the driver thought it was a dog or a cat. Once they were a little closer, they realized that it was not anything that they had ever seen before. The creature was not very large, around three feet tall, hairless, long spindly arms and legs, and a huge, almost watermelon shape to its head. It also had no visible mouth, nose or ears, only bright orange eyes. The creature scattered away from the road to not be seen again. By these three anyway.

Around an hour later on the same night, two other teenagers were walking down the same road. They described seeing the exact same type creature, this time it crossed in front of them, ran down into a gully, climbed up the other side and watched the two teenagers from a distance. These two had no previous knowledge of the earlier incident.

The next evening, two other teenagers driving in the same area spotted the same creature. The only difference in their description was that it had glowing green eyes instead of orange from the original description. Everything else was described as all of the other accounts.

So what could all of this mean? Was this an alien? An escaped hairless monkey? A hoax from area teenagers to liven up their town? Or was this something genuine, something so real that one of the teenagers drew out a sketch of what he had seen, and wrote “I swear on a stack of bibles this is what I saw.”

If you go back into history, way back in to Native American times, you normally find some similarities. The tribes of Eastern Canada, specifically the Cree, had a creature they called the Mannegishi. They described the Mannegishi as short, hairless, lanky creature with no mouth, nose or ears, and an excessively large head. The exact same description as the ones from the 1970s. For the Cree Indians, these creatures were tricksters, known for flipping over their canoes, and sending their people into the rapids. Another tribe, the Iroquois, had a similar creature called the Gahonga.

Once again, Native American legends are explaining phenomenon that we see in today’s world.

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